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The Ongoing Now

Inspired in part by seasteaders and other such cults which are entirely engaged in a utopia-building project even if that utopia looks like a nightmare to outsiders, I’ve begun building my own mythology of The Ongoing Now Corporation.

TON Corp is a corporate cult created by Theong Oingnow for the purpose of preparing for the Bow Sink, the day that Noah’s ark finally capsizes.

Preparations include the collection, analysis, and categorization of various discarded objects. This is to say that Theong Oingnow and the team look through trash and discuss the materiality of the trash and its usefulness to us in a future in which they build a new society on floating garbage patches after sea levels have risen above all but the highest mountains. TON is intent on both preparing for and accelerating this event.

Their first meeting minutes can be viewed here.

Additional preparations include recruitment and the creation of various PR artificats that that requires.

Current open positions at TON include:

  • Garbage Drone
  • Impact Analyst
  • Waste Associate
  • Senior Waste Associate

Meetings are structured with light role playing mechanics. New members are given offer letters detailing their role in the organization as well as an HR packet.