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Draft Energy Field Guide

I made a draft of my field guide using the time honored “paper prototype” method. Corporate aesthetics, coming apart at the wheels. I used a hacky scan tool with Google photos to get these pictures of the draft since I didn’t want to run in the rain to the library for a real scan, hence the weird banners, but I actually think they fit the overall aesthetic well, though it washed out the color a bit. I wanted to add tiny icons from the Noun Project but didn’t want to print and cut out the little tiny ones and waste all the paper. Unfortunately the McKinsey employee who created this draft pamphlet got fired. Maybe he went out with golden handcuffs, let us hope.

Also this week I asked one of my former coworkers if he had ever met one of the regulators that basically controlled the entire structure that facilitated our livelihood as energy industry consultants. I was expecting him to be more curious about why I was asking and also why I was texting him at 3AM about federal regulators, but maybe he was a bit too busy to really worry about that.