Alden’s ITP Home

Diorama of Daily Life

For a daily life diorama I wanted to share one of my favorite daily activities: flossing! Construction wasn’t too hard but took some ingenuity. I used a shoebox, construction paper, tissue paper, and a clear plastic egg carton for the teeth. Quite a bit of tape, and of course a piece of floss.

I really do love flossing and look forward to it every evening. When I was much younger I would never floss but I’ve had a lot of problems with my teeth and jaw over the years and have since become a total convert, maybe it gives me the feeling of being in control a bit more over a part of me that has been so unruly. I even take a particular joy in not flossing when I just feel too tired, like it’s a tiny luxury to skip flossing when I’ve been working until 4AM, a little something I can allow myself. As you can see my diorama fits in nicely with all the others.