Shodan Workshop Resource List

Posted on Jun 13, 2019

Welcome! This is a list of resources to supplement my “Basic Hacking in 2019 with Shodan” workshop.

First it’s very important to take care of yourself out there when you start poking around. I recommend a VPN to hide who you are a bit and some kind of browser tools to prevent someone from running malicious code in your browser.

My favorite VPN is Nord, and I use the uMatrix browser extension in all my browsers to control what code my browsers are running.

Online Tools

  • Shodan - search engine for anything connected to the internet!
  • PublicWWW - search engine for websites' source code!
  • Wigle - search engine for wifi networks!

Command Line Tools

  • host - gives you the IP address of any domain name by querring your DNS of choice

  • whois - queries the WhoIs database to get a variety of information about a domain or IP address

  • nslookup - similar to host

  • ping - sends packets to an address to see if you get a response, good for checking if a host is up

  • nc - known as “netcat”, swiss army knife of creating network connections

  • telnet - can create a tcp connection between you and someone else, very insecure and now almost entirely replaced by nc

  • traceroute - prints every server between you and a desired address

  • nmap - a powerful and dangerous port scanner read more here

  • ssh - create a secure shell connection, a way of logging into a remote computer over the command line

  • ftp - file transfer protocol, method of transfering files

GUI Software