Shodan Stories Day 88: The Internet Feels Empty in Caoya

Posted on Apr 8, 2019

I’ve been feeling exhausted the past week, so I decided to take a couple of easy days reaching out to some webcams. I was hoping to see some people, looking at chiller stations all day can make you feel you a little lonely.

Internet Camera on

I found an IP in Taiwan that had two different cameras, one on 8000 and one on 9000. It seems to be in an internet cafe. But no one is inside. It’s the middle of a weekday there, so I figured that if I kept checking back eventually I would see someone. But no one ever showed up. I kept noticing weird things, like how every computer tower has a little can on top. Are those even computer towers? That slice of a drinks cooler you can see is tantalizing. If it weren’t for that would I even have thought this is a cafe? What could this place really be? That almost looks like a scooter in the bottom right there. Maybe they do deliveries? Could this actually be an office?

Maybe everyone just goes there at night. See you tomorrow.