Shodan Stories Day 86: Graphing Databases in Sydney

Posted on Apr 5, 2019

About a week ago I saw a search for “dgraph” and I thought today I would take a look. Dgraph is a kind of graph database, which is a kind of NoSQL database with a graph-like structure of nodes and edges. The search was for “Dgraph Ratel Dashboard”.

Dgraph Server on

There were only 5 results, all either in China or Australia, and so I picked one in Australia because Dgraph is based in Sydney. It was running the Dgraph dashboard on port 8081. There wasn’t actually a lot I could do here. It didn’t ask me for authentication or anything, there just wasn’t any data. All of the results I found seemed this way actually.

According to an article I read, Dgraph seems to be reasonably popular, so I assume that I only found these few results because anyone who actually has data has better secured their system so that they don’t show up on Shodan.

Good thinking on their part. See you tomorrow.