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Shodan Stories Day 68: A Construction Site in Northern Illinois

Busy today so I found an IP camera. This time I got one of my all time favorites, an AXIS camera, this one with a 4K resolution and 700° pan/tilt control.

AXIS Q6128-E Network Camera on

Shodan couldn’t identify where it was beyond “United States”, and I found that was likely because it was connected to the network via a mobile Sierra AirLink router, the kind we’ve seen several times now. So my main goal was just to find out where this camera is. Good start, it’s in a construction site and I have pan/tilt/zoom control to look around with. Because it’s 4K I can get extremely zoomed in with very high resolution. This thermostat is on the third-farthest central beam. I can almost make out the temperature, but not quite. But look at that dirt! I found this thing that looks like a face with teeth on the far wall. Well it kind of looks like a face. After looking around for awhile, finally I found a tag on one of the pieces of equipment, which read

Northern Illinois
Rockford, Illinois

Aha! Rockford, Illinois, or at least somewhere close by.

I think we can call this one case closed. See you tomorrow.