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Shodan Stories Day 50: Pondering a Loading Bay in Saint Petersburg

To celebrate my 50th day and the fact that there haven’t been any interesting new searches the past few days, I went to find an open RTSP video stream from an IP camera.

Security Camera on

Unfortunately after searching for awhile I only found one open stream, from Russia, and it wasn’t particularly interesting. Definitely a warehouse or factory or some kind of industrial building. If only I could make out that sign in the upper corner. Since I was getting this stream via RTSP on my VLC player I didn’t have any of the usual web server clues to go on, and none of their other ports were accessible (only 554, the typical RTSP port was open).

There wasn’t any activity on the camera after a few minutes and well sometimes you get the feeling that life’s either too short or too long to be staring at snowy Russian loading bays. See you tomorrow.