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Three Projects

I don’t like working over long breaks because - well - instead of making one finished project I have three projects that are halfway done. The first is the most complete but also the simplest, with Cambridge Analytica so in the news I couldn’t resist doing something with one of my all time favorite videos, their talk at the Concordia Summit in 2016. I’m surprised it took so long for their story to break. I tried a couple of different manipulations but I think the simple worked best, just isolating every time he discusses data. Alexander Nix My second project is much larger in scale and is a part of a lot of wider work I want to do. Recently I have been experimenting more with lecture-performance as a medium and have been interested in abstracting out my given lecture to bot-versions of me. To that end I want to generatively create reveal.js slidedecks that I then have to give a lecture that connects to the slides that were generated. Right now I haven’t automated the whole process, but right now I am using conceptnet to piece ideas together and then searching for images of those ideas on pinterest to add to the presentation slides. Right now I have to put the slides together by hand and they aren’t particularly interesting, but here is an example.