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Biometric Fortune Telling

In keeping with my interests in human to machine learning interaction and in how individuals’ identities and personal narratives are shaped by those interactions, I decided to make a biometric scanning application (game?) that gives you your fortune based on the information it scans from you. My interest in algorithmic thinking and machine learning decision-making is manifesting as fortune telling projects because of the amount of predictive faith machine learning has culturally engendered: statistical pattern recognition as the new oracles, etc.

You can see the project here

I want to keep working on this, the interface could use some polish and right now the scripts are basic and random. I’m not one for making slick web applications for my projects but I want to play on and play with those dominant web aesthetics. Right now it’s a little UX brutalist just by default but I think I could push it further in that direction.

All code here on my Github