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Algorithmic Decision Making in Bureaucracy, Public Policy, and The City

Here you can see the slides from my research presentation And here is my executive summary

Reports, Research Papers, and Press Releases

As a great resource for all of our classes’ discussions on AI I want to point out first the AI Now annual report. AI Now Institute is a research institute (within NYU! we can go talk to them) focused on interdisciplinary research on the social impacts of AI.

Journalism, Think-pieces, and Analysis

Right now a big cluttered list


A list of books fleshing out a variety of important background information as well as providing analysis. I have most of these if anyone wants to borrow.

  • Weapons of Math Destruction - Cathy O’Neil

  • Algorithms of Oppression - Safiya Umoja Noble

  • Seeing Like A State - James C. Scott

  • Utopia of Rules - David Graeber

  • Against the Smart City - Adam Greenfield