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Boarding Pass and Expressive Words

On first glance of a boarding pass I notice not just a jumble of information poorly organized, but too much information, a heaping mass of which obscures the information that the traveller is really am interested in when they have a pass in hand.

The date is unnecessary, a traveler would only be receiving this pass on the day of the flight. Origin and destinations are also unnecessary; we must assume that they have knowledge of their destination and current locations already in mind. Departure time is less important than boarding time, and the departure time can be inferred from the board time. TSA Precheck and the flyer name are important for the TSA guards to check against, and the name can help a lost boarding pass return to its owner.

Name: big to aid the TSA agent and speed up the line. Boarding and gate are crucial first information for the traveller to begin navigating through the airport at the appropriate pace. Seat and zone are important once boarding has begun. The flight number is important to keep on the pass to use to check for delays or gate changes online.


I made a lot of prototypes for my expressive words but in the end I decided on three of them.