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Blowing on Confetti

I’ve been wanting to recreate the experience of playing with confetti, this is one prototype for interacting with confetti by “blowing” on it with the mouse.

Right now they kind of jiggle around expectantly, this was to meet the “one element that moves independently of the mouse” part of the homework.  Getting the confetti to move realistically when blown has been a pain, right now it jumps around semi-randomly, which gives a good imitation of a scattering effect but the motion is discontinuous and unnatural. Ideally I’d like other kinds of interactions, like brushing it away or being able to tilt the canvas and have it move to one side.


I wanted to functionalize my code so that I could use it to pile confetti on top of whatever I want to in the future. First I populate an array with a list of coordinates, and then I give those coordinates attributes like shape, color, and movement. Clickthrough the picture below to get to the code, where I have more detailed comments explaining what I did.